Ending Nutrition Misinformation

Here’s some food for thought: a lot of things people claim are the healthier alternative are actually much worse than the original. From diet cokes to cereal bars to fruit juice, there’s a lot of false advertising and misinformation that’s telling people what is healthy but really has no effect or could be harming your body in another way.

Nutrophia is your cornucopia for nutritional information. A healthier you starts today when you read our blog and find out the truth about the food you’re eating, the trendy diet you’re practicing, or the new weight loss product out there that claims to help you shed pounds immediately.

Read our blog today to learn about the truth about nutrition.

People behind our Success

Gunther Coleman

Gunther earned his dental license in 2014. He went to work as an associate dentist in his aunt’s clinic before opening his pediatric dental clinic in Boston. After noticing the significant increase in children with cavities, Gunther briefly ran his blog about dental health before joining the Nutrophia team. As a doctor, Gunther believes prevention is much better than the cure. He writes about oral hygiene and how people can prevent a painful trip to their local dentist simply by taking care of what they eat and how they brush their teeth.

Richard Sutton

Richard earned his degree in nutrition before going on to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist. He specializes in helping parents of overweight and underweight children get them back into a healthy weight range. As a father of two sons and a daughter, Richard understands the difficulty in feeding children healthy food. While he’s not a chef, he teaches parents tried and tested techniques and food combinations that have helped him feed his healthy children.

Michelle Ashmore

Michelle has been a personal trainer for over eight years. She believes weight loss is a journey, not a process, and so far, she hasn’t failed to help any of her clients achieve their weight goals by maintaining their motivation and will to keep pushing through with their weight loss journey. While most of her clients prefer to work out in gyms, Michelle prefers to get active by playing sports. A volleyball varsity member in high school, she prefers playing on the court with her friends on the weekend.

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