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4 Things You Do Every Day That Causes Hair Loss

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Most people consider their hair as their crowning glory. Your hair has the power to speak for you when words aren’t enough to express your mood. This is why it pays to follow a hair care routine. Your hair can really say a lot about you. That’s why if you want to leave a good and strong impression, you need to care enough about your locks.

However, as much as you want to care for your hair, many still follow habits that can be damaging and hurtful to your hair and scalp. To find out what are these things, a hair transplant clinic provides you a list below.

1. Shampooing Everyday

Hair experts recommend you wash your hair twice to thrice a week. Too much use of shampoo can cause dryness which may lead to irritation and breakage. In addition to limiting the use of shampoo or chemicals, you need to be wary of the products you apply in your hair. Take time to read the label to ensure that these products don’t contain harmful ingredients such as paraben, sulfate, ammonium, and formaldehyde which can ruin your chances of enjoying soft and silky locks.

2. Excessive Use of Hairstyling Tools

Blow dryer, curling and flat iron, are the main culprit for having dry and frizzy hair. That’s why if you can limit its use, do it. A 2011 study shows that these styling tools contribute greatly on why people, especially women, have split ends and dry hair. Sometimes, on severe cases, the use of these tools can trigger hair loss condition as well as an infection. So if you don’t want that to happen, better use your hairstyling tools at minimum. This covers every single styling device you could think of.

3. Bad Dietary Habit

Group of friends eating pizzaAnother great contributor to bad hair day is your day-to-day meal. Before chowing down on your meal for the day, try to assess the food you have in your plate. Does it mostly contain junk and oily food? If yes, then you better start rethinking your meal plan. Rather than eating fast food for your snack, why not make your own sandwich instead? In addition to promoting hair growth, following a well-balanced diet would reduce the risks of obesity.

4. Dealing with Too Much Stress

Stress has been known as a trigger factor for hair loss. Extreme physical or emotional stress can in fact disrupt the normal process of hair growth. Women often experience it during pregnancy. The condition is known as telogen effluvium. In this condition, hair roots are pushed back into resting state which slows down the growing process of hair. Although it’s a temporary disorder, you’ll have to wait three to six months for full recovery.

Don’t let these habits stop you from flaunting your beautiful and healthy locks. If there’s anything more you’d like to clarify, feel free to talk to your hair doctor for information.

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