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Am I eligible for 6 Month Smiles?

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If you are an individual who is suffering from front protrusion of the teeth (also commonly referred to as an ‘overbite’ within the field of dentistry), misaligned teeth, or irregularly spaced teeth within the mouth then 6 Month Smiles could be perfect for you. Individuals who may lean more towards a smile makeover may be reluctant to receive obvious metal dental work and may feel as if conventional braces could hinder their self-esteem, as well as their career and social prospects.

Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure if a smile makeover is the right dental treatment for you then it may be a good idea to take a look at the 6 Month Smiles website! Located on the website potential patients can speak to a dental healthcare professional, in addition to taking a quiz to find out if they are a suitable candidate.

Looking for a discreet alternative?

Conventional metal braces could be considered as an effective and long term solution to dental imperfections, however many individuals may wish for something far more subtle, and quicker. If you are a patient who is looking for comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing dental work, then it may be worth considering 6 Month Smiles!

How do they work?

6 Month Smiles are becoming increasingly popular within the field of modern dentistry, and are often considered as ‘cosmetic’ due to their aesthetically pleasing appearance. Despite their rising popularity however many patients may be unsure of the way they work. Located on the 6 Month Smiles website patients can choose between clear aligners, or fixed clear braces, however one particular option may be recommended depending on the individual dental case.

Which option is right for you?

Despite both aiming for the same results both options work in completely different ways. Clear aligners are transparent plastic trays that are replaced every couple of weeks in order to slowly encourage the teeth to move into the desired position, fixed clear braces however use a combination of clear brackets and transparent wires to produce results.

An alternative perspective

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Choosing the right dental treatment can be tough, which is why patient testimonials are becoming so highly valued within the field of modern dental work. Located on the 6 Month Smiles website are many happy patient reviews from individuals who have benefitted from the results of this dental transformation.

How much do 6 Month Smiles cost?

6 Month Smiles are not only far more comfortable and time efficient, but their pricing is extremely reasonable! For patients who are looking at one single arch they can be looking at  a very reasonable amount, however individuals who wish for a whole mouth transformation will obviously pay more. In addition to the orthodontic treatment (fixed clear braces) teeth whitening may also be included within this price at many dental clinics.

Spreading the cost of your smile makeover

Choosing to receive any dental work could be considered as an investment in your oral health, as well as a financial investment, which is why many dental clinics now strive to ease the financial strain. Despite many patients paying for their dental treatment upfront many individuals may prefer to pay monthly using a 0% interest finance payment plan! Finance plans are perfect for patients who would prefer to pay in installments for their smile makeover.

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