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Lift Up Your Mood and Confidence with Face and Neck Plastic Surgery Options

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The drooping eyelids, turkey wattles, and crow’s feet you see in the mirror are natural consequences brought about by changes, such as loss of elasticity of connective tissues and declining muscle tone. When the skin cannot maintain its shape, it will just succumb to gravity. When muscles lose their tone, they will sag and show through the skin.

From here on, you will start worrying about whether it would only get worse. Read on to find out how you can deal with the problem effectively.

The solution

You appear more worried and tired than you really do and if this starts to bother you, then it is time to consider options to reverse the changes. There is no single solution that works for everyone, which is why you need to work with an experienced cosmetic surgeon to learn more about the existing options. The procedure that works best will be determined by factors influencing outcomes, such as your overall health condition, skin type, and lifestyle. Of course, the treatment plan will be determined by your budget as well.

Dealing with double chin and jowls

Chin Surgery

Neck wattles and jowls can get you down, but you can stop worrying about whether these are permanent changes. Some procedures result in skin tightening and firming in a week’s time. Innovative treatments offer little to no downtime. More familiar procedures, such as neck liposuction, are quite effective in removing unwanted chin and neck fat. Nevertheless, remember that the skin and muscles would not tighten from the procedure. Yet, the removal of excess fat is not enough to give you the angles of your youth.

If you are considering a double chin removal, then discuss options with your plastic surgeon. During the discussion, ask about chin augmentation to create a strong jaw line. Chin implants are more improved in terms of material and longevity. You might want to think about these options as well. Procedures for the chin would take you away from work and your usual activities for a while, but you can expect to be back on track in a couple of weeks.

Considering a neck lift

neck lift surgery may require general or local anaesthesia. Sedation is one of the primary aspects of the procedure you would want to discuss. The treatment can be extensive and require the removal of connective tissue bands, muscle tissue, and excess skin. Turkey wattles can be traced back to the increasing laxity of muscles, the thinness and lack of moisture of aging skin, and genetic factors that make the changes appear at a younger age than expected.

A firm neck or jaw is associated with youth. When you lose one or both, your confidence might go down a few notches. Do not despair because there are ways to mitigate the changes associated with aging. You only need to talk to the right people and get help from experienced professionals in cosmetic surgery for possible treatment options and their outcomes.

The neck is often the site where the first signs of aging appear. You may have procedures done and still look like older than your age. A cosmetic procedure might be the answer to your problem.

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