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Non-invasive Fat Reduction: The Techniques that May be Employed

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The accumulation of fats causes unhealthy weight in most people. This often leads to grave health issues down the road. This fat also results in body shapes that most people will not find ideal. Several weight-loss diets and pills have been marketed to the masses. Most of these are ineffective and may even be dangerous to your overall health. One of the FDA-approved solutions for getting rid of fat lies in cosmetic surgery treatments.

Here, there are non-surgical treatments that selectively disintegrate the fat cells and reduce your subcutaneous fat deposits. There are botox specials in Utah that can help you look good even when on a budget. Non-surgical fat reduction has minimal downtimes, no scars, and long-lasting results. Moreover, the transformation happens gradually rather than overnight, allowing you to remain discreet about the treatments. Here are the treatment alternatives for non-invasive fat reduction.


The process involves the use of extremely cold temperatures to break down fat cells and to reduce fat pockets. A cupped or paneled device is positioned over the treatment region to transmit freezing temperatures. Nerves, muscles, and tissues will remain unaffected by the cold since they freeze at lower temperatures than fat. Results are often noticeable in 2-3 months, and a treatment session takes 35-60 minutes.

Laser Treatment

This method will disintegrate fat cells through the use of controlled heat in laser wavelengths. A cooling mechanism will be intermittently used during the treatment to guarantee the skin is not injured by excess heat. Though often used on the flanks and abdomen. Laser fat reduction treatment can be used in all body regions. Noticeable effects happen within 6-12 weeks, and a treatment session takes approximately 25 minutes.

Injectable Deoxycholic Acid

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Deoxycholic acid is a naturally-occurring substance in the body. It helps to break down fat cells. As an injectable, this acid will disintegrate the fat cells for target areas. It is the leading treatment for getting rid of a double chin. The treatments will involve multiple injections to your jawbone using small needles for about 20 minutes. You will need 2-4 sessions spaced a month apart for the best results.

Ultrasound Fat Reduction

This uses intensive sonic waves to disintegrate the walls of fat cells in a target area. In so doing, it releases the fat inside the cells. This will, in turn, be metabolized in the body and reduce the dimensions of fat deposits. The ultrasound energy used in this case generates rapid changes under the skin that breaks cells and leaves other tissues unharmed. Ultrasound fat reduction is used mainly for the flanks and abdomen, and results will be evident in 6-12 weeks. You will need 1-3 treatment sessions spaced two weeks apart.

How to Keep the Fat Off

The above fat reduction options are among your best options when battling unhealthy weight because they do not allow re-growth of fat cells. This way, you can maintain a healthy weight. These treatments give you a good start at achieving your ideal weight and shape. The rest will be up to you. Healthy eating habits and exercise are essential to maintain the results of your treatment.

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