Advantages of Oral Implants

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When you have a missing tooth or teeth, you probably want the replacement that conceals the gap to look and feel as real as possible. In years gone by, the only way that this was attainable was by using dentures or fitted bridges which were not suitable for everybody.

In recent years, however, cosmetic dental teams have invested a lot of time and research into the development of oral implants, which are titanium pegs affixed to your jaw through surgery. This allows prosthetic teeth to be attached to them, thus creating a more stable alternative to unsecured dentures and bridges which can also be fixed now to your jaw using this option.

So, what are some of the other advantages to having a dental implant Melbourne fitted? This article will explore 5 of the core benefits of this procedure, but rest assured that there are also many more.

Look real

Many people have met somebody at one time or another in their lives who had a denture or fitted bridge that did not look realistic, usually because the teeth of the prosthetic looked too white. In modern cosmetic dental care, the focus is on natural-looking teeth and when you have an oral implant fitted to support a bridge or even an entire set of dentures, the teeth will be designed to look as real as possible.

mouth 3d model for dental presentation

Improve bite strength

As mentioned before, one of the core advantages of having an oral implant fitted is that it provides a stable base upon which to attach prosthetic teeth. This in turn allows you to have a stronger bite, which will feel more natural, especially when compared to the bites you may have been taking using dentures or fitted bridges. This means that foods that you may have been avoiding such as corn on the cob or toffee can now be re-incorporated into your diet, just make sure you maintain good oral hygiene overall when you are looking after your oral implants.

Reduce the risk of cavities

If you have natural teeth remaining in your mouth and have oral implants fitted, it may come as a surprise to note that this procedure also reduces the prevalence of cavities and even gum disease. This is because the implants close the gaps that are left in your mouth by the missing teeth and, therefore, plaque and bacteria cannot build up in these areas and cause problems for the surrounding teeth.

Help rebuild lost bone

When you have a tooth removed, the jawbone underneath it shrinks down as it is no longer required to hold a tooth in place. This may not sound like an issue, but if you have surrounding teeth, it can cause an impact on alignment. In short, the teeth that are around the gap may fall out of line, but oral implants will rebuild the lost bone, thus securing any natural surrounding teeth in place and preventing the need for orthodontic work later on.

Clearer speech

Because they are secure, you will not have to worry about your oral implants wobbling due to a lack of dental adhesive. This means that your speech will be clearer and more understandable.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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