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Overcoming Dentophobia: Why People Are Afraid of the Dentist?

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Even though dentists are meant to treat people, many are still scared of them. In the United States alone, it is said that nearly 75% of adults are not comfortable going or seeing a dentist. About 5% to 10% of those are terrified and have a strong fear of visiting a dentist. With all that, it might make one wonder as to what is the reason for their fear. This is true especially if you’re someone who isn’t afraid at all.

While fear of the dentist is fairly a common case across all ages, knowing what lies behind this can be an interesting topic. That’s why to understand this further, here’s a list of reasons why some people are often afraid of a dental appointment.

Bad Dental Experience

A bad dental experience can go a long way. No matter how years ago it has been, it can leave a certain level of trauma to many. The fear may even become stronger when it happens at a young age. People often tend to remember bad events over the good ones because of the intense emotion they’re feeling right at that moment. This is why many experts in the field point out the importance of choosing the right dentist. If you met a good dentist from the very start, you’ll never have to be afraid of them.

The Pain it Involves

scared woman at the dental clinicPain is another triggering factor for many. One painful experience can make many cower in fear and give up seeing a dentist ever again. Sometimes, people recreate a particular idea in their head when it comes to dental procedures. Because of this, they often relate pain to every dental visit. This, on the other hand, is not true at all.

Many procedures nowadays are painless. Thanks to the continuous development in the field, people can now be less worried about feeling anything. It is uncomfortable sure, but it is far from being painful. Dental clinics in Townsville and in most parts of the world are now using advanced methods to completely eliminate this idea so you can be confident that a visit to a dentist would only make you smile.

The Feeling of Vulnerability

A dental visit would require a dentist to check the inside of your mouth. Many may find themselves uncomfortable with this whole idea. This is true especially when they are required to undergo the procedure. As they don’t know what is going to happen, they become more and more anxious about it.

However, it is a common protocol to dentists or any doctor for that matter to explain everything first to their patients. This is to give them peace of mind as they undergo any procedure. Most of them would even give their patients assurance just to calm down their nerves. Remember, a good dentist should always put its patient at ease no matter what.

Based on the reasons mentioned above, people developed a fear of the dentist due to things they didn’t know or bad experience. To overcome these, it’s important that you choose a good dentist to guide you properly. Along with that, it matters that you understand the importance of dental visits to your overall well-being. With these to keep in mind, you’ll certainly conquer your fear in no time.

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