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How Can You Show Your Senior Parents How Much You Care?

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Our parents are the ones who have taken care of us since we were born. Now that they are old, they need someone to take good care of them. It is now your chance to return the favor and show them how much they mean to you.

You should understand that while it’s not easy for you, it is not easy for your parents too. They get used to being independent and the ones who are taking care of their kids. But they now depend on you for their basic needs.

They might feel like a burden because they know that you are busy with your own family, work, career, etc. That is why it is important to show them that they are not a burden by showing them how much you care for them.

Here are some tips on how can you show your senior parent that they matter:

Tips on taking care of your senior parent

Be available to them when they need you

The first step in showing your elder parents how much you care is deliberately making time for them. Your physical presence is more important than just text messages and calls.

So it is a good idea to take them where you live, or if you are in an apartment, find a room near yours so you can quickly visit whenever they need you. If it’s not possible, find a place where you can easily go to them. But the best option is to let them live in your house.

With this, you will save a lot of time and reduce the hassle of traveling. They will also be able to feel your presence more and make them feel special.

Assist or help them with their needs

Another fundamental way to show your elder parents how much you care is by helping them with their needs. This may include helping them with their medical needs if they have a health condition that needs medication. Remind them of the times when they need to take medicine or give it to them yourself.

If they have trouble walking, assist them in walking to the bathroom or when taking a bath. Do not forget to set regular appointments with the doctor for routine checkups. Visits to the doctor will prevent diseases and ensure that they are healthy.

It would also be helpful to assist them with their important appointments. For instance, if they need to attend bereavement programs or services after losing their long-time friends or spouse, show your support by driving them to the center and being there all throughout the hard times.

bringing elderly in check up

Avoid having too much stress

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to take good care of your elder parents if you cannot take good care of yourself. And the best to do this is to limit the stress you get. It can be like completing tasks early and avoiding procrastinating. Procrastinating is one of the top reasons why many people are stressed.

Keep in mind that older adults are becoming more sensitive. They might feel like a burden to you, especially if they see that you are so stressed about personal matters while caring for them.

That is why it is a good idea to balance your personal life and have enough rest. Sleep early instead of wasting a lot of your extra time scrolling through social media sites.

Listen to them

Your elder parents do not only need physical and medical help. They also need someone to talk to. And it is a great moment for you to show them that you care.

It can also be challenging for some because elders have so much time talking about random things. Just give some of your time, listen to their stories, rants, and life lessons they want to share with you.

Do not forget to take note of their complaints and what bothers them. Show them that you are interested in their stories by nodding with a smile on your face. Agree with what they are saying and share your stories too. They love to hear your stories too, so go ahead and share some.

Give them presents

Giving presents to your elder parents can make them so happy. But it doesn’t mean you have to buy something fancy for them. Buy the stuff that is relevant and practical. Something they can use based on their likes.

Do they love to cook? Buy some aprons, kitchen gloves, and other kitchen utensils. Buy your dad some sunglasses, a good pair of socks, or a good cane. You don’t have to wait for special occasions. The best gifts are unexpected gifts.

Remember that taking care of your parents is your best chance at showing your love to them. Always think before you speak, and do not be rude. Expect them to be annoying and needy sometimes. But remember that you were once just as needy and annoying when you were little.

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