The 3 Organic Food Items You Need to Have in Your Store Right Now

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The use of organic herbs and spices is common practice long before the demand for these items became extremely high that altered the way these plants were grown. Fortunately, there are family owned farms and other commercial ones that believe in the superior quality of naturally grown herbs and spices. And this is something that consumers need and want; nothing more, nothing less. The good thing about the organic variants is its honest to goodness quality – no treatment residue, contaminants, and possesses superior flavor quality.

Discerning home cooks and professional chefs favor organic herbs and spices for quality, flavor, and because it’s free of foreign matter that usually makes its way into the packaging with the herb or the spice. Organic means what you see is what you get.

Dried Fruits and Vegetables

If you wish to include fruits and vegetables in your inventory but are concerned about the shelf life, go for the dried and dehydrated variants. There are plenty of uses for dried fruits and vegetables and are great food items for snacking, too. There is a huge market percentage of consumers who prefer this type of product because it can be stored longer than its fresh counterparts and can be bought in bulk, which makes keeping a well-stocked pantry much easier and more cost-effective. Many would also say that it’s easier to use dried fruits and vegetables for pastries, oven-baked meals, as well as for healthy snacks. These products are always in demand so it would be a great addition to your inventory and boost your sales.


Grain Two of the most popular grains today are Chia and Quinoa. Chia is a popular ingredient in baking, especially for those who include jams, jellies, pastries, and cakes made with certified Non-GMO and organic ingredients. Other baked goods that call for this ingredient are puddings, cookies, and muffins. Chia seeds add a nice texture to these baked treats and have a mild, natural aroma that doesn’t overwhelm or alter the taste. Quinoa, on the other hand, is a popular alternative ingredient for dishes that call for the use of rice or for serving rice. It has a nice, nutty aroma, making it a delicious and appetizing option for those who are looking for an alternative for regular rice.

Why Go Organic?

Recent surveys show that 80% of households stock up their pantry with food items made with organic ingredients and organic herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Suffice to say, consumers of today are simply not looking for great tasting treats and snacks, and regular food items; they’re looking for the same things but made with natural, local, and organic ingredients.

Aside from that, these organic crops are planted and grown using sustainable farming methods that benefit the farmers and are kinder to nature. There are many other benefits to going organic and now is the right time to include these three food items in your store inventory.

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