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The benefits of implant-supported dental prosthetics

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It was once the case that when a patient lost one or more of their adult teeth that the only alternative teeth replacement solutions were dental devices such as dental bridges or dentures. While useful in each of their own ways, there are challenges a patient has to contend with; challenges that are eliminated when opting for dental implants in Herefordshire.

Reasons why replacement tooth roots make for a better treatment option

A quick look at the way the artificial tooth roots are designed and the role they play in offering a non-removable tooth replacement solution and it is quite clear why it has become the treatment of choice for many patients. Tooth replacement implants are used in both restorative dentistry as well as being a naturally pleasing cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Appearance and function – just like natural teeth

It is without a doubt that the top benefit of artificial implants are that they look like natural teeth. Their structure is similar to natural teeth too in that they have a root – in this case a metal stem – and a crown placed on top of the implant. The stem is surgically inserted into the jawbone and is responsible for keeping the tooth firmly in place. Once fusion has taken place through a process referred to as osseointegration, only advanced gum disease, as a result of poor dental health, can cause the implant to fail. In fact in the large majority of cases, patients experience implant survival rates of 95.4 per cent.

Bone density retention

doctor holding some dental implants

With gaps left open in the dental arch and some types of missing teeth treatments, there is a risk of bone density loss. This risk is removed with implants being fixed to the jawbone which also protects from gum recession.

Protects facial structure integrity

One of the reasons why dental practitioners are always concerned when teeth are lost is the impact this will have on a patient’s oral health. In addition to the decrease in bone density, lost teeth can hasten on an ageing look by making the face appear saggy. Facial structure is further protected as neighbouring teeth are kept in place with an implant.

Allows for a patient to eat a variety of foods

Seeing that the implants are solidly integrated into the jawbone and there is no chance of them moving, there are no restrictions to the foods a patient can eat. Whereas before implantation, patients may have been restricted to soft foods, now they can eat crunchy fruits and vegetables without worry.

No risk of cavities

As tooth implants are made from artificial materials there is no fear of cavities or tooth decay. This does not mean that brushing teeth can be dispensed with, as the usual oral hygiene practices should remain in place to maintain healthy gums.

When taking into consideration all the benefits of dental implants: convenience, visual aesthetics, oral health and long-term cost-effectiveness it is easy to see why the treatment is an attractive one. For more information on sustainable and affordable general and cosmetic dentistry treatments, set up a consultation with an experienced dental practitioner at your local practice.

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