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Ways to Combat Suicidal Thoughts

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When faced with a hopeless and challenging situation, some resort to self-destructive behaviors. One of these is to attempt suicide. Some have self-destructive patterns over time that recur during hard times. How can one be free from self-harm? Here are some ways to overcome this problem:

Consult a Professional

One can deal with self-destructive thoughts by consulting a mental health professional. There are reputable clinics based here in Westport, Connecticut. The use of dialectical behavior therapy is a very effective way to address your concerns.

With this method, you can enhance your mindfulness skills or ability to be in the present. As such, your negative thoughts will have a positive shift. By living at the moment, you will focus more on your thought patterns. You will recognize that whatever situation you are in right now is temporary and will pass. Such a strategy will help you stop the onslaught of negative emotions. Instead, you will be able to think in rational ways.

Collect Yourself

You can also use self-soothing techniques when you feel like giving in to self-harm. Breathing exercises are one effective way to dispel negative notions. When you take time for deep breaths, you regulate your heart rate and give space for you to think well.

You can also do some visualization techniques. Picture something that relaxes you like a serene landscape or waterscape. Imagine sitting in this peaceful scene. You will feel relaxed and be able to let go of self-destructive thoughts.

Change Your Surroundings

If you tend to hurt yourself, make a conscious effort to remove harmful things near you. Keep sharp or dangerous objects locked away. This is the same thing with substances and chemicals that are toxic to your body. Stay away from sad or toxic materials on social media or the Internet.

Also, do not let yourself be cramped. Sometimes, isolation and the feeling of being suffocated magnifies negative ideas. Go out for a walk or jog around.

Create a Positive Reminder

Surround yourself with positive things. You can create different lists that will encourage you to continue your life. Write positive things about yourself. You can also start a gratitude journal. When these things are in written form, you become more aware of them.

You can also write plans. It will help you have a sense of purpose and something to look forward to. It will remind you that when you end your life, you will not be able to see these things come into fruition.

Connect with Others

Caring psychotherapist supporting her young broken down patient

One of the best ways to have a reason to continue living is to feel the love of people around you. When you feel hopeless, reach out to family and friends. You might be afraid to be vulnerable or to open up in fear of being judged. But, remember that people who love you will not quickly judge you.

You can also join support groups. This way, you will feel a sense of belongingness. You can identify with what others are going through. Seek encouragement from one another.

Your mental health is essential. Do not bottle things up inside you. Find ways to ensure that you will step out of your dark thoughts and emerge victoriously.

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