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Choose Green: Why Use Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Pest Control?

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Many believe that without the use of chemical substances, insects cannot be completely eradicated in their garden or homes. On the other hand, there is also the rise of consumer generations that prefer both the convenience and ability to save the planet as much as they can—the millennials and the Generation Zs. With a keener environmental consciousness, these consumers will much rather choose green options than toxic ones.

With them at the leading purchase percentage, many other generations tend to follow and manufacturing industries implement innovative, effective means to reduce their greenhouse emissions. A lot of businesses nowadays strive to be labeled a green brand and practice what they claim. This meant an improvement in many areas, and the local farmers and their products aren’t considered less anymore.

However, this isn’t just a generational purchasing mentality shift. Gen Zs and millennials being close to digital nomads are more informed as they connect to the world and learn in much quicker ways. And we learn from them. The planet needs saving, and we’re not far from being able to help.

The World Needs You to Change

The first step is to realize how much the world needs us—calling our commitment to addressing climate change and changing our everyday habits overall. An example of human influence over the world’s climate can already be seen in the pre-industrial era, between 1850 and 1900, versus now. Nowadays, the globe is hotter than it was, and particularly 1° C (1.8° F) hotter than that era.

Fortunately, we have adequate awareness and technology to strive to reduce our carbon footprint and prevent what could happen to the world in 2050 if we don’t cut our carbon emissions in half. We go for the organic rather than the chemical, which doesn’t just help the environment but our health above all.

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Effects of Chemical Pest Control on the Health

How is your health at stake here? That is when you bring chemicals to your homes such as insecticides and pesticides instead of controlling them through natural ways as using an environmentally-friendly mosquito trap, or attractants for other kinds of insects. The latter is a way of attracting insects first through natural ways, then eliminating them via many other ways.

The repellent you use to protect yourself from insects has DEET and that for your wooden deck has Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA). Pesticides are dangerous to your health in the way that they are stored in your colon, which can then slowly ruin your body. Sad to say we’re fraught with non-organic options nowadays. There are non-organic apples, carrots, grapes, strawberries, and more sprayed with pesticides that in the end, will get into your system. Pesticides have been linked to many diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, etc. So, going for the natural is the right way to go.

Going Green: Alternatives to Chemical Substances You Can Use to Reduce Pests at Home

Good thing, it’s up to you to make healthy choices. Choose organic options than chemical means. Here are some organic alternatives to consider for pest control at home:

Homemade sticky trap

For flies, mosquitoes, rats, and even cockroaches, you can opt to make your own sticky trap using natural materials. Take, for instance, cockroaches. You can make a natural sticky trap attractant through banana peels. Simply put a banana in a jar with petroleum jelly all over its rim and its smell and taste will attract the cockroaches, making them stuck at the rim trying to get to the peel. You can also use sticky boards and place them where your target insects are usually found.

Natural mosquito repellents

Don’t use repellents mixed on sunscreen since they contain high amounts of DEET that can cause fatigue, breathing difficulty, and dizziness. Sunscreens are applied generously while repellents are only used in small amounts. You can apply generously catnip, lavender, neem oil, and many other natural oils that serve as natural repellents than buying chemical ones.

Fooling the wasps

With their extremely territorial nature, wasps will only build their nests when there aren’t others near twenty yards. Fortunately, they can be fooled. Put an artificial wasp nest in your garden or home, and they’ll believe it. Wasps will never dare to make their nest there.

Stop at the hole

You will not need any chemicals to eradicate rats. Just find where they used to enter your home and place mothballs and peppermint extracts near the holes. These will most likely discourage them from entering your home.

There are many other substances at home you can use as organic ingredients for pest control. Make use of them instead for your and your family’s health, and in a wide point of view, for the good of the planet.

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