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Dental care for kids

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First impressions are often lasting impressions especially when it comes to children. The aim for the dentist in St. Johns Wood is not only to take care of children’s teeth but to ensure that their experiences in their different stages of development are positive and reassuring in order to give them the best chance at making good habits for their oral health in the future like regular dental check-ups without fear.

Babies and children’s teeth examination

Studies have shown that good experiences at the dentists are lasting ones and the younger a child is when they have their first good experience, the better it will be for them in the long term. This is very important for the dental health of a child’s teeth as they are more likely to sit still for preventative treatments than a child who is crying or afraid. This good first impression at an early stage will be hardwired into their developing brains and reinforced each time they get a checkup.

Dentists are able to see how a child’s teeth and jaw will develop from very early on and can keep an eye on this development as well as suggest an orthodontic treatment when the time comes if it is needed. Other than checkups, a dentist will be able to apply fluoride treatments to their growing teeth in order to help avoid decay as well as apply tooth-coloured fissure sealants to protect the teeth from cavities no matter what they eat.

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Hygiene education

The dentist is in a unique position of authority to educate your child on correct cleaning methods and diet, teaching them to avoid highly sugary and acidic foods where parents may have failed. The white lab coat that dentists wear has been found to have a profound and positive effect on children and they are more likely to believe the dentist and listen to sound advice.

Sports guards

When it comes to sports one cannot be too careful when protecting one’s child and it has been found that a mouth guard is the most effective way to prevent sporting injuries, these custom made rubber coverings that protect the teeth and gums can be made by the dentist in a variety of fun colours that will help encourage children to wear them when partaking in sporting activities.

Dental emergencies

While one might take every precaution to protect one’s child from injury, accidents do happen and knowing what to do in the case of an oral emergency can save a child’s tooth or teeth should they be knocked out. If a baby tooth is knocked out this shouldn’t be too much cause for concern as they naturally come out anyway, caretakers should clean the area and stop the bleeding. However, if a new adult tooth is knocked out it may need professional care, caregivers should collect the tooth if possible and place it back in the socket before seeking immediate medical attention. In the case where there is a cut in the soft tissue like the gums or cheeks and bleeding cannot be stemmed, then it is necessary to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.

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