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Dental Treatments That Will Leave You Looking Younger

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Nobody wants to be told they look old. Because of this, many people invest in costly injections and other treatments deemed effective for a younger look. Botox and skin fillers are the standard alternatives for smoothing your skin and leaving you looking young. Most people assume that only the skin suffers the effects of aging, however, your teeth will also be affected by the changes your body undergoes when you age.

One of the commonly overlooked yet inexpensive solutions for a youthful look, however, lies in a clinic specializing in cosmetic dentistry in South Jordan. Moreover, the treatments in cosmetic dentistry are not just aimed at boosting a youthful appearance but will also improve your dental health. Here are the common dental procedures that will address the effects of aging.

Teeth whitening

One reason for discolored teeth is related to aging. Your teeth have an enamel layer that will discolor over time and make the white dentin layer tan and yellow. Moreover, with aging, your dental enamel gets thinner, and the discolored dentin layer is more prominent. The ideal choice for getting bright teeth when you have mild discoloration is professional teeth whitening. If however, your teeth are deeply discolored, bonding, crowns, and veneers might be better choices compared to whitening,

Dental implants

dental implant

With age, your teeth might become loose and fall off. The space left on your gums makes your face hollow and contributes to a sunken facial appearance. This space also contributes to the shrinking of your jawbone that further compounds the sunken facial look. To fill up your face, dental implants might be the ideal choice.

Enamel contouring

The wear of your teeth is another sign of aging. Teeth in young people look curved along their edges and proportioned rather than worn down and flat. Habits like teeth grinding and jaw clenching will contribute to the wear of your teeth’s edges. These can be remedied by enamel contouring. In the procedure, a drill will smooth and shape your teeth’s borders to give you a youthful appearance. Thankfully, this is an in-office procedure that often needs no anesthesia because it only involves dental enamel.

Gum grafting

Gum recession can affect your smile since it exposes your dental roots’ dark surfaces and leaves little black triangles around the bottoms of your teeth. This is because the condition causes the loss of your jawbone. Gum grafting is the ideal solution for rebuilding your lost gum tissue. The procedure is done under local anesthesia in your dentist’s office. The graft tissue can be taken from another section in your mouth or an animal. In cases where the gum recession is not so severe to warrant grafting, bonding can be used along the gum line to cover the discolored gums.

The above dental treatments might be the perfect answer for the youthful look you so desire. Even so, they should be handled by a qualified dentist in a well-equipped and sterile setting. Most of the cosmetic clinics that offer the same treatments only cause grave dental issues. These open up your body to deadly bacterial infections and leave you with poor oral health.

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