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Losing Instead of Gaining Weight? Know the Probable Reasons

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For many, gaining weight is far easier than shedding a few pounds. After all, a regular burger has around 520 calories. If you add cheese and other toppings, the calorie count of a burger rises significantly.

Eating food that is high in calories can cause weight gain. However, what if you are not gaining weight despite having a diet that is high in calories?

An Underlying Medical Issue

Some people who struggle to gain weight may have an undiagnosed condition that needs medical attention. Addison’s disease, for example, occurs when the adrenal glands are not producing enough hormones that are essential to the body’s function. These hormones are responsible for burning fat, breaking down protein, regulating sugar and blood pressure, and others.

A common symptom of Addison’s disease includes unexplained weight loss. Patients with this medical condition should consult a doctor. There are clinics that offer adrenal fatigue treatment in Las Vegas and across the United States. You will need to address the undiagnosed health issue for you to be able to gain weight.

You Are Not Getting Enough Calories

Those who are monitoring their food intake to either lose or gain weight know that calorie counting is an important part of the journey. However, most of the time, estimates are not accurate.

It is possible to feel full but still not be able to consume the right amount of calories they need to eat every day. This is a problem that people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, or even broth-based soups, struggle with. If you are hoping to gain weight, eat high-calorie food at the beginning of the meal and save those that are low in energy density last so you are sure you are getting enough.

You Move Around a Lot

Your body burns calories throughout the day, even when you are asleep. On average, a person who weighs about 155 pounds burns 130 calories by simply sitting on their desk for an hour. Those who move around more during the day burn more. Carrying boxes for one hour, for example, can burn about 520 calories.

Because of the nature of your work, you may need to consume more calories per day to be able to gain weight. You can calculate how much calories you need every day to reach your ideal weight.

It Is In Your Genes

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Look at every member of your immediate family. How many of them are as thin as you? Some people are genetically hard-wired to be able to eat anything without gaining weight. In an investigation, researchers found that people who were obese have a set of genes linked to being overweight. Meanwhile, those who are healthily thin have less of those same genes. This is also why, for many, losing weight is far more challenging. Genetics is a major cause of obesity, affecting not just metabolism but also appetite and food cravings.

You Are Really Stressed

When some people are stressed, they cope by overeating and, as a result, they gain weight. Others, however, lose weight because they forget to eat their meals or they do not have an appetite.

Stress disrupts your daily routine. Because of a deadline, for example, you may use your lunchtime to do more work instead. Stress also has the capacity to alter your body’s internal functions. When you are under duress, your “fight or flight” mode is on which speeds up your metabolism. You will likely return to your original weight when you are no longer stressed. However, right now, make sure to eat three times a day.

Your weight regularly fluctuates, but if you are shedding pounds without any apparent reason, it is best to see a doctor. This way, you can rule out medical issues.

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