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Four Signs Your Aging Parent Is Ready for Hospice Care

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Most people assume that they have a little more time with their aging loved ones. Even when their aging grandparents or parents are at their late stages of a severe illness, they hold on to the hope that medical treatments will offer the loved ones a longer life. It is best to consider hospice care for your parents or other loved ones at the late stages of an illness to make the most out of the time they have left. Hospice care aims at making sure that the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of your loved one are met.

The discussion of end of life is never easy. No one wants to imagine losing a loved one, which explains why the talks of end-of-life care are delayed. People don’t want to admit that they are losing the battle against severe illness. You shouldn’t hesitate to call hospice care when you realize any of these signs. Besides, letting your loved one receive hospice services in Wichita is not a sign of giving up. You are trying to give them a good life.

Treatment is no longer working

If an aging parent or grandparent has a terminal illness but treatment is no longer working, then it’s time to consider hospice care. Also, you need to call a hospice care facility if your aging grandparents or parents no longer desire aggressive intervention. Since hospice care focuses on symptom management and relieving pain, your loved one will have improved their quality of life and comfort during these last days. Hospice care handles people facing illnesses such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, and HIV/AIDS.

Their symptoms are becoming harder to manage

Studies reveal that pain becomes worse than before in the last two years of life and becomes intense in the last five months. Uncontrolled pain in a sick or aging person can cause other complications such as anxiety, shortness of breath, and restlessness. Uncontrolled pain also prolongs the grieving process for family members. It’s time to call hospice care if you notice severe symptoms such as vomiting, pressure ulcers, and increased pain.

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They have multiple hospitalizations

Most parents express frustrations and feel tired of recurrent hospitalizations. They feel like they are missing out on things during the hospital stays. If your loved one is complaining of being in and out of the hospital due to a terminal illness, you need to consider hospice services. You need hospice care services so that in case of a crisis, hospice nurses can address it and assist while managing the symptoms.

The person has experienced recurring infections

The immune system of a person whose health is declining doesn’t function normally. As such, the individual gets prone to diseases such as skin infections, pneumonia, and urinary tract infections. The infections make it harder than before to treat the person, which necessitates the need for hospice care.

If you have noticed any of the signs discussed above, then you shouldn’t shy away from calling hospice services. Also, if you are not sure if your loved one is ready for hospice, you can meet up with an expert to know your options. Besides, hospice care offers comfort and improves the quality of life for your aging or ill parent.

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