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Health Talk: Being Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic has altered the daily lives of almost all people in the world. Businesses have shut down. School and work have been suspended. There are now long lines outside grocery stores. And of course, people are urged to stay home and practice social distancing.

Our life, as we know it, has virtually come to a standstill. Our activities may be limited for now, but there’s still one crucial thing we can do to help the experts trying to contain the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and healthcare professionals caring for the sick: We need to stay healthy.

Read on for some helpful suggestions for staying healthy in these most trying of times.

Be physically healthy

Now more than ever, it’s essential that you have a healthy body and strong immunity. You’ve probably heard enough of these pieces of advice to last you a lifetime, but eating right, exercising regularly, sleeping and resting well, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding harmful vices are still the best ways to become healthy.

Apart from these, however, if you have existing medical conditions, you also need to follow any orders from your physician, say a cardiologist or a sinus specialist in Denver, so you’ll be in good shape. At the same time, you’re cooped up in your home and unable to see your doctor.

Also, make sure to have enough of your maintenance medications on hand, which should allow you to take them religiously.

Be mentally healthy

It’ll be hard not to think about what’s happening around you, but as much as possible, rid your mind of the things that you can’t control. There’s no use worrying yourself sick about a problem that’s beyond your capabilities to solve. If you’ll be working from home, just focus on your work and get your job done every single day.

Or if you won’t have work to do, keep your mind occupied and sharp at the same time by reading books, solving puzzles, or even playing video games. You should also find time every day – be it in the morning or at night – to meditate so that you could relax and free your mind.

Be emotionally healthy

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For sure, most of you are feeling a lot of emotions, mostly negative, right now. Perhaps you’re scared, anxious, helpless, or even angry. It’s all right to feel these emotions, but you shouldn’t dwell on them. Instead, pay more attention to the positive feelings, even if there’s just one, which resulted from the situation that everybody else is actually facing.

For example, you’re surely happy and thankful that every member of your family is safe and healthy. You should build on these positive emotions, then, and take the opportunity to spend more time with your family while they’re at home with you. Now is likewise a great time to reconnect or mend fences with your family.

We may not be the experts who can stop the virus nor the healthcare professionals who take care of the sick, but there’s still one very essential thing we can do to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic – be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally. Stay safe, everyone.

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