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Healthy Habits That Will Make Your Hair Stronger, Softer, And Shinier

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Your hair is your crowning glory. It is as much a part of your personal style as the clothes that you wear and the makeup that you put on your face. Your hair, therefore, goes through a lot of transformation over the years due to heat styling, coloring, and other chemical procedures. Being under the sun can also affect your hair health.

If you want to bring back your hair’s luster, here are a few habits you can incorporate into your routine:

Read the ingredients

There are so many haircare products online. Most of them not only offer to clean your hair and scalp, but they also contain a special ingredient that may repair damage, enhance curls, or simply make your strands silky and soft to the touch.

To be able to find exactly what works for you, read the label and find out how certain ingredients interact and improve hair.

For example, a popular haircare ingredient is Moroccan Argan Oil. According to experts, Moroccan Argan Oil acts as a conditioner that reduces frizziness, boosts shine, and maintains moisture. Your hair will look healthier if you use a shampoo, conditioner, or mask that has Moroccan Argan Oil.

For some people, haircare products containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), the stuff that makes shampoo create a lather, may clog pores and cause acne.

Use shampoo sparingly

Your hair does not need to be washed and cleaned every day. Your scalp produces natural oils that help protect it and your strands from damage. Using shampoo often will strip your hair with natural oils that will result in dull, dry, and brittle strands.

So, unless you have a skin disease, you do not need a daily shower. Experts recommend that an average person should wash their hair twice a week.

Deep condition regularly

However, if you feel the need to cleanse your hair more frequently, add a leave-in conditioner into your shower routine. This way, you can return the moisture back to your hair and keep it protected from heat and environmental damage.

Using a hair mask or deep conditioner at least once a week can also do wonders for your hair. The right product will make your hair soft and shiny without weighing down your strands.

Visit your hair stylist for a trim

If you want longer and healthier hair, you should get trims more frequently. It may sound counterproductive to cut a few centimeters of your hair regularly if you are waiting for it to grow out, but trimming your ends offer an important benefit: it keeps strands healthy.

When you get a trim, your hair stylist essentially removed split ends. A split end, if left alone, will cause your strands to break further up. This not only keeps your strands looking thin, but will also prevent your hair from growing at a certain point.

Strive to eat a healthier diet

Healthy food

The food you eat plays a major role in keeping your hair healthy. If you consume a balanced diet – with emphasis on protein-rich food such as fish, eggs, and beans – your hair will grow stronger and shinier. You will also avoid problems such as hair fall.

Berries, leafy greens like spinach, and avocados will also provide your hair with necessary vitamins and minerals that will boost collagen production.

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