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How to Keep Your Spine Healthy as You Grow Older

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We all want a healthy body, so we can do what we want without any hesitation. We can enjoy our daily activities and live life to the fullest. Our skeletal system plays a big role in achieving this. The system, which includes our bones, give us the frame so that we can sit, stand, and lie down. In other words, it gives us our form.

Our spine, which is part of the nervous system, connects our brain to the nerves all over our body. It facilitates the transfer of information, which determines our movements and reactions to certain stimuli. Taking care of it should be a priority, as it is a very sensitive part of the body. If injured, the spine can’t function normally and this will affect your mobility, as well as many other body processes.

Restitute Health explains that the spine may deteriorate and become less flexible as people get older. Now is the right time to protect yourself against preventable spine problems, so you can avoid unwanted back pain and injuries in the future. Read on to find out how you can achieve this.


Targeted exercises can strengthen your core muscles, add stability to your spine, and increase your flexibility. Individuals who suffer from chronic low back pain, or are recovering from a back injury may engage in no-impact exercises that can strengthen their spine and lower their risk for future pain and injuries.

Be practical about your exercise routine, though. Overdoing it and engaging in repetitive movements may cause muscle strains and sprains. It is important to have a doctor or a physical therapist by your side as you do those exercises. This ensures that you will not overdo things and put your spine health in jeopardy.

Avoid Stressing Your Spine

Try to avoid placing unnecessary stress on your spine by observing proper posture at all times. Make ergonomic adjustments to your chair, particularly when you spend many hours sitting every day. Be sure to take breaks and do neck exercises when you sit all day at work. Lifting objects heavier than 25 percent of your body weight can also strain your back.

Have a Healthier Lifestyle

Woman eating saladEat a balanced diet, which includes food that can keep your bones strong. You can also buy spine supplements online to make sure you get enough nutrients needed to keep your spine healthy. Smokers should consider stopping their unhealthy habit. Smoking can damage the spine and contribute to the development of intervertebral disc disease and osteoporosis.

Manage Stress

Stress and depression have a significant role in back pain. Find a way to relax if you encounter a lot of stress every day. Loosen your back and neck muscles at the end of the day, and ensure that you sleep in a supportive mattress at night.

You can avoid back pain and injuries in the future by making simple changes now. Engage in exercises that can boost spinal stability, avoid stressing your spine, adopt a healthier lifestyle, and learn to manage stress and relax.

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