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Keep on Smiling with the Dentist in Mackay

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It’s another beautiful sunny day, and it’s great to be alive. So why isn’t everyone smiling? It’s tempting to assume that someone is not smiling because they are miserable or unfriendly, but often people are keeping their lips firmly closed because they are ashamed of their teeth. That’s a shame in itself, when there are so many ways to get a great smile with the dentist in Mackay.

Ask any dentist in Mackay, such as those at Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay, and they will be able to reel off a list of benefits that come from having great teeth and a lovely smile.

But not many people have naturally perfect teeth. Most people need a bit of help to get teeth that are the right size, shape and colour and are well lined up. This is why the dentist in Mackay offers what are known as cosmetic dental treatments.

Not just cosmetic

They are called cosmetic dental treatments because treatments like veneers, gum contouring, white fillings and cosmetic braces are aimed primarily at improving the appearance of the teeth. But that’s not all they do.


Cosmetic braces, for example, straighten teeth that are only mildly wonky. If the patient did not have braces, they would still be able to bite, chew and swallow without much problem, so, as far as the dental profession is concerned they are not vital to the patient’s health. However, well aligned teeth are much easier to keep free from plaque and trapped food. This means that they are far less likely to suffer from decay or gum disease, and will therefore last longer. It’s a side effect of looking great, and one well worth having.


Smiling also has great side-effects. On a physical level, a genuine smile releases tiny amounts of serotonin, the body’s happiness chemical. So smiling makes people feel happier, and more likely to smile more, and so feel even happier. Smiling is also infectious and people respond to each other’s smiles with warmth and generosity. So, smiling has great social benefits too.

Don’t dismiss cosmetic treatments as pure vanity. They are so much more.

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