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Replacing All the Teeth with a Dental Implant in Melbourne

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Not everyone was able as a child to maintain great dental hygiene. Those Australians who grew up elsewhere may have come here from countries where dentistry was not so widely available or of such high quality. Other Australians have a dental phobia and have not been to the dentist in years. Some just have genetically weak teeth. Whatever the reason, some Aussies need to find ways to replace all their teeth. And what better way than with a dental implant in Melbourne?

One dental implant, several crowns

The great thing about a dental implant in Melbourne, from dental clinics such as High Dental Implants, is that they can support more than one tooth. In fact, one dental implant can support up to 3 crowns on a bridge. This has given rise to a technique known as All-on-4, which allows dentists to fit an entire arch of replacement crowns onto just 4 dental implants.

How All-on-4 works

It’s all about the angles. The dentist puts in 2 normal length dental implants at the front of the mouth. They also put in 2 extra-long dental implants that go in at the back at a 45 angle towards the front. This gives support all along the arch. The arch of crowns is then attached to the 4 dental implants.

Very often, if people choose to have All-on-4, they can have crowns attached immediately to the implants. Known as same day teeth, this means they can leave the dentist after implant surgery with teeth in place instead of empty, and potentially embarrassing gums. The crowns are not permanent, and are pretty much just for show. They are often made of acrylic and are in place until the dental implants have fused with jawbone and become securely anchored. This is a process that takes 2-6 months; a long time to be without any teeth at all.

Patients who have All-on-4 with same day teeth have to remember to eat a soft food diet until their permanent crowns are put in several months later.

These crowns are handmade from dental porcelain and look just like real teeth.

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