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Oral Health: Technological Advances in Dentistry That You Should Know

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Every year, new technologies emerge in the world of dentistry, improving the industry tremendously. Consider this scenario: you visit your family dentist in Longmont, CO with a toothache, which is diagnosed as a cavity. Instead of the usual drilling and filling process, your dentist simply directs a laser onto the area, fills it with some special paste, and within minutes, you’re good to go.

This is just an example of what technology can do. Modern dental procedures and techniques would have seemed farfetched a few decades ago, but they are now a reality.

Digital X-Rays

Performing digital X-rays is part of the treatment process in the best dental care facilities. When the dentist performs this test, you can see the image on the screen immediately. The primary benefit of this technology is that it reveals whatever is within your teeth and gums. With its zooming capability, it also allows for a closer look and patient education. Its diagnostic and preventative importance is seen in applications such as:

  • Teeth development analysis
  • Periodontal disease detection
  • Health determination for bone holding tooth
  • Tooth root checks
  • Cavity detection

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has been around for a couple of decades now. What’s happening now is that production is becoming easier and new developments are emerging as a result. The introduction of laser dentistry as a course in some schools is proof enough that the technology is here to stay. Modern lasers have made dentistry painless, eliminating pastes and injections largely. They’ve also made it easier to administer treatment compared to conventional drills.

Bond and Filling Material

This material has improved a lot to adhere to the strict requirements of industrial-strength, medical-grade and high-quality properties. Technological improvements have enabled the matching of the repaired tooth with the rest of the teeth. Furthermore, modern plastic resin is available in a wide range of options and lasts significantly longer.

Intraoral Camera

Getting clear and precise pictures of the dental formula was unheard of in the not-so-distant past, but technology has now brought amazing transformation. Even the hard-to-see corners of the mouth are now analyzable, thanks to the intraoral camera capability.

Dental Implants

dentist holding a model of dental implantMissing a tooth can be disappointing, but you can regain your confidence through this modern solution. Implants are all about replacing the missing tooth in the form of a screw component. Dental implants have become extremely popular in recent years because of the reported impressive success rate. Long lasting and dependable, these implants support the bone and facial features, improve the ability to chew, and offer a comfortable natural solution.

IV Sedation and Nitrous Oxide

This technology helps calm patients if they are unable to cope with a dental treatment procedure. Nitrous oxide keeps patients calm while allowing for interaction with the dentist. For intravenous sedation, patients go to complete sleep, making this approach the best for those who can’t help being anxious about the dental visit.

So, is this the end of innovations in dentistry? No. Technologies that are even more exciting are likely to emerge in the next few years for the betterment of the field. While dentists will have to go with the changes, the advancements mean a lot for patients like you: less discomfort, and faster and more affordable treatment.

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