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Living Life With a Failing Kidney: Key Steps to a Fulfilling Life

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According to studies, diabetes and high blood pressure are two common causes of chronic kidney disease. In the U.S. alone, one in seven adults has kidney disease. The alarming thing is, up to 90% don’t even know they already have kidney disease.

Simply having specific symptoms won’t automatically mean you already have kidney disease. A series of blood tests along with a urine test and other diagnostic procedures can confirm a kidney disease diagnosis. After getting diagnosed by a qualified healthcare provider, the best step to take is to follow their recommendations so you can continue living a fulfilling life.

What Kidney Patients Usually Go Through

Learning about your kidney disease diagnosis can feel like the end of the world. It is normal to feel a rainbow of emotions, including denial, regret, and anger. Kidney patients usually experience the following.


Looks can be deceiving, especially if you don’t know what someone is going through. Just because one person has a failing kidney, they will look like a typical sick person. Many kidney patients don’t have outward symptoms and are often misunderstood by them.

Kidney patients may look and act normal and often feel the need to act normal even if they are already suffering and can’t function the same. They could already be feeling tired, exhausted, depressed, and stressed out in reality. Since this is not a disease that usually has a physical symptom, many people misunderstand or question their disease.

Feelings of Exhaustion

There are times when kidney patients suddenly feel exhausted even after only waking up. They feel tired often and have no energy to enjoy daily activities. And because they feel tired most of the time, they feel unproductive and unable to focus.

Kidney disease patients need a healthy support system to understand their unique needs. One moment you could be full of energy only to feel drained the next hour. You must get all the rest you need during the bad days.

Never Ending Pain and Discomfort

Pain can only be felt by the person suffering from the disease. Kidney patients often need to undergo dialysis treatment. One might think this only involves getting poked a few times a week. In reality, the pain and discomfort kidney patients feel is never-ending.

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Living Life With Kidney Disease

Remember that when kidneys start failing, the usual course of treatment includes regular dialysis or transplant. There is no definite cure for kidney failure. But despite all these, there are ways kidney patients can live a fulfilling life.

Set Priorities

For kidney patients, your health is your main priority. You may have many goals to achieve, like managing a successful career, building your brand, or keeping your family healthy. But now that one of your kidneys is failing, it becomes a must that you put your health as a priority. This will enable you to live a longer life and accomplish everything you want.

Make things easier for you by setting your priorities and simplifying wellness. Start embracing a healthier routine, stay active, take your medications on time, and learn to manage stress better. Make sure to consult your attending physician in making any health decisions.

Organize Your Life

If regular dialysis is now a must, it helps find a reliable healthcare facility complete with everything you might need to receive reliable treatment. For one, look for institutions that have hospital partnerships for dialysis. This way, you don’t need to travel far each day to receive the necessary treatment.

There are apps that can help you keep better to organize your day. This way, you will receive notifications when you need to take your medications, your scheduled appointments, and what days you are to go under dialysis. Don’t forget about maintaining an organized home to reduce your physical and mental stress.

Keep Your Support System Close

A healthy support system is crucial now that you are fighting kidney disease. This should include the people you love the most, like your loved ones, healthcare providers, and even a support group outside your usual circle.

You can join support groups that consist of individuals who have the same disease as you. If finances are tight, you can always reach out to different organizations that offer financial aid to kidney patients. Don’t forget about distancing yourself from your toxic people to reduce your stress.

There is no reason to let your kidney disease stop you from living life to the fullest. The only difference now is that you need to take better care of yourself. Try to maintain a healthy and positive outlook in life to live life the way you want.

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