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Negative Effects of Incomplete Teeth You Might Not Know Yet

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We have been taught the basics of oral health since childhood. Taking care of our teeth is essential to our everyday lives because we use them all the time. Whenever we eat, speak, and smile, most importantly, our teeth show their worth. However, sometimes we encounter situations where we lose a few or even some of them. Since most of the teeth are still intact anyway, you might think that they are perfectly okay. But knowing the following possible effects of the gaps left behind would make you think otherwise:

Weak Jaw

Have you ever heard of the term “glass jaw”? It’s a phrase usually used in boxing that describes a weak jaw. While not everybody is a boxer, a weak jaw is still going to be a problem. One reason for this is an incomplete set of teeth. The teeth are not only for chewing and smiling, but they also protect the gums and jaw from being exposed to foreign objects. You can prevent the problem through an operation in Westchase and have dental implants put in to make up for the gaps. Doing so will keep your gums and jaw safe from weakening and decay, which may cause complications with your speaking or eating experience.

Uncomfortable Eating and Talking

Eating and talking are what we do every day. It will not help you if you have a hard time doing either one just because you lack some teeth. Food is our main source of nutrients, so it is vital for us to be able to chew our food to break it down and make it easier to digest. The lack of some teeth will lower the effectiveness of the process. When it comes to talking, we can produce only certain sounds properly if we have the teeth for them. It is possible for your words to come out wrong just because you are missing some.

Imperfect Smile

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Not everyone judges people from appearance, but the first impression that we get can affect all future interactions with others. A positive impression usually leads to more positive interactions and vice versa. Not having a complete set of teeth can make it awkward to talk to and smile at others. Being in that situation can also gradually sap your confidence, especially when you are not with good people to begin with. It can even affect your chances of being hired in a negative way if you are applying for a job that needs you to look pleasing to the eyes.

Now that you know about these, it is easy to say that keeping all of your teeth can give you an advantage for a lot of things. But doing so is easier said than done. It is not only a one-time gig but a commitment to yourself to be able to do whatever you want to do. The best accessory that you can wear on your person is a confident, wide, and genuine smile. That is why it is important to protect it.


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