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Women Want to Look Good from Head to Toe for Themselves

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It’s 2019, but the notion that women want to look good for men still pervades. It’s not only minimising the decisions of each woman, but it’s also enforcing the narrative that they just want attention. The reality might not have anything to do with men at all. Women can and want to look good for themselves, for their career, and for their future.

A Moment of Self-care

Doctors dealing with concerns specific to the female body may need special tools like a disposable speculum with light, a tool that males will not be able to understand at first sight. It would be extremely limiting to let men dictate what looks good for and on women if they do not know the first thing about women’s reproductive health care.

Women find it challenging — at times, even uncomfortable — to visit the doctor to have their body checked thoroughly. The fact that they go through it is an example of self-care, with the aim to find out what’s going on inside their body before any problem arise.

Switching from One Form of Self-care to Another

Some women keep their skin clear with a simple routine. Others, however, deal with acne and redness. Sometimes, their skin reacts to the season and causes major breakouts, which require additional skincare products just for them to look good.

If a woman chooses not to spend money on expensive clothes just to reappropriate her money on skincare products, that’s her choice. The result goes beyond just having clear skin. She builds her confidence and this results in her being able to do more at work and in her personal life. The price of the clothes or products she uses shouldn’t translate to her desperation to get male attention.

An Investment in Herself

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Another thing that’s hard for some men to understand is that women can have their own money and spend it however they want. If she earns more than what she requires for her basic needs, she can buy herself jewellery, a car, or other luxury items. These are items she buys for herself for no other reason than she just feels she deserves it. If she worked hard for her money, no man should tell her she’s being flashy and that she just wants to attract attention.

It’s Every Woman for Herself

Both men and women are taking their time getting into a relationship. While they both may resort to dating apps for the casual hookup, the app does not guarantee that they will find the fulfilment that comes with having a stable and healthy relationship. That means there are single men and women everywhere, but it’s not because they cannot find people to be with.

It may be their own choice to stay single to focus on themselves, reach their personal goals, and grow into their full potential. They want to be the best version of themselves before settling down and having children — if they even want that at all.

Men and women can co-exist without having to bring each other down. To achieve a truly equal society, it’s time to stop assuming that everything women do is about men.

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