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Symptoms that Necessitate Endodontic Surgery

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Endodontists are experts in saving teeth, and they are dedicated to assisting people to maintain their natural smile forever. The dental specialists to protect your natural teeth. Endodontists perform an array of dental procedures, place dental implants, handle traumatic dental injuries, and perform endodontic surgeries.  Studies reveal an increasing number of endodontic operations. Thus, it is paramount to understand the reasons for the surgery.

Conditions such as abscess can infect the root of your teeth. As such, you should consult an experienced endodontist to carry out the necessary surgery. Make sure that you schedule an appointment for an endodontic surgery if you notice any of the signs discussed below.

Endless Pain After Professional Cleaning

It is normal to feel pain when food gets stuck between teeth. However, the pain that needs endodontic surgery is severe. Your dentist can treat minor toothaches during non-surgical procedures. However, an acute infection requires an endodontic surgery, which can only be performed by experienced and qualified endodontists in Highlands Ranch.

Increased Sensitivity to Cold and Hot Food

You might have experienced a slight reaction in your mouth or teeth when you drink or eat hot or cold juice or food, which is natural. However, you might be a candidate for endodontic surgery if you experience the reaction solely from your teeth and it is greater than the usual. The pain can be a result of infected teeth or weak enamel. Make sure that you consult an endodontist for examination and surgery as soon as you realize the severe reaction to cold or hot drinks.

Pain and Tenderness When Chewing

Teeth get hurt when you apply too much pressure, but an endodontic surgery is paramount if your teeth hurt when you haven’t exerted any pressure. You need to undergo an examination from an endodontist if you feel pain when you touch your teeth with a toothbrush or when chewing any food. You shouldn’t assume that the pain is bearable or short-lived because it might get worse than before and interrupt your routine.

Discoloration of a Specific Tooth

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Teeth discolor over time from taking tea, wine, tobacco, and coffee. However, it is uncommon to realize severe teeth discoloration even if you don’t brush daily. The sudden stain can be a result of the spread of infection. You might require an endodontic surgery to treat the disease that causes discoloration.

Swelling and Drainage of Gums

You might have to undergo a root canal surgery to save your teeth if you realize a swelling or odd drainage around it. An infected pulp slowly spreads to the jawbone and gums that surround the tooth, which requires immediate endodontic surgery. Don’t wait until you lose your teeth for you to visit an endodontist.

In the end, make sure you visit an endodontist when you notice these signs. Delaying treatment or surgery will only make your problems worse. The dental specialist will examine you and recommend the appropriate endodontic surgery. You can rest assured that the surgery options are designed to suit your individual needs.

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