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Soup: The Best Dish for Weight Loss

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Unhealthy weight has been proven to be the highest risk factor for the development of various lifestyle diseases. It is also among the primary causes of infertility in both men and women. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is however not an easy feat, and many people struggle with it. There have been many ‘solutions’ over the years for weight loss, but most are ineffective and dangerous.  Doctors often recommend two things to lose unhealthy weight: go on a diet and start an exercise routine. Many find both difficult but going on a diet is always the more challenging of the two. The difficulty stems from not knowing which foods to eat and which ones to remove from your menu.

There are diets that are popular right now for losing weight, but these might not suit you. But there is a dish that would help you lose weight and still give you the satisfaction of a full meal.  Some soups help with weight loss; these can be canned soups, instant soups, or you can even cook them from scratch. But not all soups are equal. Companies like Dr Natural Healing have soups to help lose weight, and many dietitians say the following are the best soups for weight loss.

Vegetarian Soups

Vegetarian soups do not use meat in the dish, or sometimes any meat product such as milk or fat. Vegetarian soups are your best choice since they are more filling and have lower calories compared to the non-vegetarian variety. They often use legumes and vegetables like cabbage, tomato, chickpea, coriander, and carrot. Legumes like beans provide the protein you need but also leave you satisfied.

Clear Soups

Clear soups use vegetable broth or meat stock. They do not use heavy creams or sauces. Clear soups are light and healthy, especially if you only use vegetables. If you want to make it more filling, add some noodles or pasta. Most Southeast Asian soups such Vietnamese pho are clear soups, and they can be both filling and delicious.

Low-Sodium and Calorie Soups

Low-sodium and calorie soups can be creamy and clear, but the ideal calorie content for men and women differ. Women should choose 150 calories per serving while men should go for 200 calories per serving of soup. The sodium content for the soup should also be low since sodium results in water retention. The ideal sodium content is one less than 1.5g/100g. tomato soup So, if you want to go on a diet, you should choose a soup that would satisfy your cravings and fulfill your nutritional needs. Whether you select canned soups or cook it at home, make sure to pick one that is low-sodium and low-calorie. If you are going out for dinner, ask for soup as a starter before the main course. This will prevent you from over-eating and help you say no to dessert. A weight loss program needs both a well-planned diet and exercise routine. If you stay active and control your food intake, you can lose the unhealthy weight and reach your fitness goals. Don’t forget to ask your physician’s advice before going on any diet or exercise regimen.

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