What is cosmetic dentistry?

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Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dental work that strives to improve the physical appearance of a patient’s smile, however in doing so the function of the teeth can also be positively affected. Straighter and restored teeth can make it easier for patients to take care of their smile, which leads to a reduced chance of oral diseases and infections developing, such as gum disease to name just one example.

Patients who may pay a visit to their local cosmetic dentist in Harley Street

Individuals who may be considering a visit to their local cosmetic dentist may be suffering from fragmented, misaligned, or yellowing teeth caused by extrinsic or intrinsic staining. Some popular examples of common cosmetic dental treatments to address these problems consist of porcelain veneers, crowns, and tooth whitening!

Is tooth whitening right for me?

If you are suffering from extrinsic or intrinsic staining of the teeth then tooth whitening may be a recommended cosmetic treatment option for you. Teeth whitening can come in a wide array of forms within the field of modern dentistry, however every method uses some form of hydrogen peroxide. Many patients may be suffering from staining of the teeth, however they may be unsure of the exact cause.

What causes tooth staining?

It could be argued as common knowledge within the field of dentistry that the consumption of highly sugary food and drink (such as sweets and fizzy drinks) can cause decay and therefore fragmentation of the teeth, however what causes staining could be argued as less clear. Patients who do not brush twice daily and generally lack an adequate dental hygiene routine may be suffering from stained teeth, however certain lifestyle factors may also cause yellowing.

Did you know?

The consumption of highly pigmented food and drink (such as red wine, coffee, and curry) can unfortunately cause yellowing of the teeth, however this can be reduced through rigorous cleaning with a good quality flouride toothpaste. In addition to highly pigmented food and drink however certain habits can also cause staining.

Are you making the right choices?

Smoking is one of the main causes of yellow teeth within the United Kingdom and occurs through the use of both nicotine and tobacco over many years. Many smokers comment on the browning appearance of their teeth, which unfortunately cannot be removed through the use of rigorous cleaning.

What’s the solution?

Dentist treating patients

Two examples of popular tooth whitening treatments within the field of modern dentistry are Zoom whitening, and Enlighten whitening. Both methods strive to eliminate signs of intrinsic and extrinsic staining, therefore giving patients a smile to be proud of.

So how does it work?

Zoom whitening works by using a special dental bleaching gel which is placed on the surface of the teeth. Throughout the entire process a protective barrier is placed around the mouth, a special UV lamp is then positioned over the teeth which activates the whitening process.

How long will the Zoom whitening process take?

One of the many benefits of this particular form of tooth whitening is the rapid treatment time. Patients who are planning for an upcoming social or work event may tend towards this form of whitening, as they can receive effective results in as little as one hour!

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