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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Dental Implants

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Dental implants are becoming a common option for people with missing teeth. Besides replacing lost teeth, dental implants aid in stabilizing dentures for function and comfort. Studies reveal that more than three million people in the United States have implants and the statistics are expected to grow each year. That said, people must look after their dental implants to ensure their longevity.

Right Care Dental notes that proper oral hygiene is critical in ensuring that you get optimal healing. Failure to practice proper oral hygiene after a dental implant is risky because it encourages the buildup of plaque around the implant. This may cause certain conditions, such as gingivitis and bleeding gums, which prolong the healing process. Fortunately, you can avoid infections and get healthy results by incorporating simple practices into your daily life.

Use fluoride

Unlike natural teeth, dental implants are resistant to diseases and cavities. Consequently, dentists advise patients to use fluoride toothpaste to reduce the chances of decay in their natural teeth. In addition, don’t forget to brush at least twice a day after meals. Take the time to clean all the surfaces of the dental implant the same way you clean your natural teeth.

Use the right toothbrush for your implants

You should consider using a soft nylon toothbrush for your dental implants. You can choose an electric or manual toothbrush, but make sure the bristles are pliable and soft to avoid hurting the implants as you brush. You can also consider using an inter-dental toothbrush that cleans around wide spaces, bridges, and braces. Consult your dentist on the best toothbrush that suits your individual needs.

Hygiene is crucial

Woman brushing her teethThorough hygiene is an integral aspect to avoid diseases around dental implants. Notably, an unhealthy mouth environment encourages several complications, such as gum disease. One of the crucial elements of a healthy mouth environment is hydration. You should remain hydrated to keep bacteria at bay. Additionally, rinse your mouth as soon as you are done eating junk food.

Avoid smoking

The adverse effects of tobacco are well known. What people don’t know is that smokers are at a higher risk of dental implant failure. Tobacco results in complications in dental implant surgery and affects the success rate of jawbone grafts. Besides, tobacco is a contributing factor to the loss of bones, which increases risks of periodontal disease. That said, you should avoid smoking before and after a dental implant surgery to get the most out of your dental implants.

Have regular dental checkups

Dentists understand your oral health, as well as the condition of your dental implants. That said, they might identify an issue and offer curative or preventive measures before the issue becomes severe. Therefore, one of the best ways to look after your dental implants is to schedule regular visits to your dentist. Dentists also help by cleaning dental implants.

Perhaps you now have a better understanding of how you can take care of your dental implants. Make sure you follow these tips for a quick recovery process and healthy mouth and dental implants. Don’t forget to talk to your dentist whenever you notice something unusual with your dental implants.

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