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Understanding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Ways to Deal with It

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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) may be defined as persistent fatigue over extended time. The term “chronic” alludes to the fact that it may persist for years. In fact, there are cases where patients have lived with the condition until their demise. That said, CFS is not a fatal condition. Women have displayed higher chances of developing CFS than men.

Possible Symptoms

The main symptom of CFS is persistent fatigue over a period of six months. At that point, a patient should seek treatment. There are a few licensed clinics in Boise that offer chronic fatigue syndrome treatment services to patients living with the condition. The sooner a patient is placed under a treatment plan, the better. Remember, CFS worsens based on the intensity of the activities that you undertake. However, it does not reduce with rest. That means that every time you walk a long distance or climb a flight of stairs, you tend to permanently increase your fatigue levels. Other possible symptoms include pain in the muscles and joints. The former may be attributed to the rapid accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles resulting in high oxygen debt. The inability of the body to rest and break down the accumulated lactic acid translates into persistent muscle aches. In developed stages of CFS, a patient may begin to experience confusion, poor motor coordination, memory loss, and poor concentration. It often results from the strain that the fatigue imparts on the patient’s brain.

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Possible Treatment

There is no specific cure for CFS. As such, the treatment methods mainly consist of possible ways through which patients may alleviate the symptoms. Treatment may be classified into three forms: self-care, therapies, and medications. Self-care refers to the conscious efforts by a patient to shield their body against extreme levels of fatigue. That means that they should not indulge in activities that may take a toll on their body. Spending an entire night partying and dancing at your favorite club may no longer be a good way of ushering the weekend. The use of therapy treatment has become an effective way of dealing with CFS. Patients may join social groups consisting of other patients living with the same condition to share their experiences. Medical treatment is often in the form of antidepressants to ease the mind against anxiety and depression.


A patient’s diet is vital to how they cope with CFS. There are no specific types of food that may be expressly identified as bad for a patient living with CFS. However, there are those types of food that may help alleviate the situation. They include fish and olive oil which are known to have high anti-inflammatory properties. Such types of food come in handy when trying to reduce possible inflammation around a patient’s joints. High caffeine consumption is discouraged. Caffeine tends to boost a person’s level of activity. That may give a patient a false impression about their current condition impelling them to overwork their body.

With CFS, a patient has to understand the essence of balancing their work and rest. A patient should never jeopardize their resting time in pursuit of meeting deadlines. Strive to work at a pace that does not take a toll on your body.

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