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Don’t Deny the Unacceptable Parts of Your Self

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You can be in debt and still want to buy the most expensive items money can buy. You tell yourself you deserve it. While it’s true that you do deserve to spend on yourself if it will make you happy, it’s still important to look at the purchases you’re making. They might not be what you deserve, especially if your aim is to hide parts of yourself you deem “unacceptable.”

What Your Decisions Mean

It’s easy to say a trendy jacket will make you happy, but what does it do for you, exactly? It can add something new to your wardrobe, but if it’s not even flattering for your body, it will only add to your growing mountain of insecurities. The problem when you see yourself as unattractive is you’ll go through great lengths just to feel better. This makes you the perfect customer because companies can easily sway you into thinking you need their products to be happy.

What you need instead are products that have a compounding benefit in your life. A good haircut that will bring your confidence up, a visit to a Scottsdale dental office, or a real estate purchase helps you realize where you want to be in the future. These have an immediate effect but things don’t stop there. Years later, you’ll look back and thank yourself for making these decisions because they prompted changes that pushed you forward.

Be Content with Your Authentic Self

Self-improvement can be an expensive journey if you’re looking at all your superficial flaws but not into your internal turmoil. No amount of expensive makeup and no number of vacations will help you rediscover yourself when you don’t even want to be alone with your thoughts. Don’t take this the wrong way, though, since you deserve your vacations. Before you go on one, listen to your body and address your needs. If there are pains you need to resolve, work on those first. Love yourself without all the expensive brunches and cute travel outfits. Then, when you do go on your vacation, these will add to the happiness you already feel from within.

Find Your Own Rhythm

woman enjoying the sunWe live in an interesting time. These days, everyone will tell you to live your life the way you want to, but they will also judge you if you don’t do it the way mainstream media suggests. Forget about the arguments of whether you should be working more or working less. Don’t overthink the alleged benefits of standing desks. Stop redecorating the house according to the latest trends. Change will always be constant especially if big corporations can make money out of it. Find your own rhythm and go with what works for you. If you want to wear your glasses in favor of contacts or laser treatment, do it. If you want your avocado toast, go ahead. If you need sleep, close your eyes. The world will not be satisfied with your options, but they don’t matter as long as you are satisfied.

True acceptance means knowing you are not perfect but being okay with it. If you love yourself the way you were born, every improvement you make will be a fruitful one.

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